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2020 MS3 Champions

2019 E2 Silver Medal

2018 HS2 Silver Medal

2018 HS5 Silver Medal

2018 MS3 Silver Medal

2018 E2 Silver Medal

2017 HS5 Champions

2017 MS1 Champions

2015 MS2 Runner-Up

2013 V3 Champions

2013 E1 Champions

About the Bethel Park Inline Hockey Booster Association

The Bethel Park Inline Hockey Booster Association was founded in 2004. Inline Hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Like ice hockey and a few other sports, it is a recognized (non-funded) sport by the Bethel Park School District. Because our sport is recognized, varsity athletes who meet established criteria will earn a letter in Inline Hockey. Players do not have to attend a Bethel Park school; all Bethel Park students are eligible.


Our teams play in the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Roller Hockey League. The 2004-2005 season was the first year Bethel Park participated in the PIRHL, and our 5 teams represented Bethel Park very well. Our league has continued to grow and we hope to continue our success.


Meeting minutes from BPIHBA general membership meetings




If you need to send anything to BPIHBA via mail, use our post office box. Checks can be made payable to “BPIHBA”.




 P.O. Box 863

 Bethel Park, PA 15102




If you have questions about inline hockey, Contact Us today.




The cost of inline hockey is generally much different (i.e., less) than ice hockey. The overall cost includes:


  • Registration Fee:
    This fee is to cover rink rental time at player evaluations and to cover our practice and instructional camp rink time. The primary goal of evaluations is to place players on the appropriate teams based on skill level. The need to cut players is determined by how many players sign up in each division.

  • Player/League Fees:
    This fee covers the team’s league entry fee (16 games plus playoffs with referees) and rink rental fees for practices. The season runs from October through March.

  • A discount on league fees is available for goalies.

  • Families with more than one player also receive a discount.

  • The exact league fee varies each year, depending on costs and fundraising success.

  • Uniforms:

  • New players must purchase uniforms. Based on availability, the league attempts to keep the same uniforms – allowing returning players to wear the same uniforms as last year to avoid this expense.


AAU Membership
Each player and coach must be an AAU member. AAU membership cost varies, but it is currently $16 per year for players. The “added benefit” membership is not necessary, but you should read the information and decide based upon your own situation. The association currently includes this membership in the player/league fees.



The number of teams will be determined by how many players register. The PIRHL has four divisions, based on grade level:

  • Elementary: Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6

  • Middle School: Grades 7 & 8

  • Junior Varsity: Grades 9 through 12

  • Varsity: Grades 9 through 12

  • Each division is divided into tiers to maximize competitive balance.




The list of required equipment can be found in the rules section of the PIRHL website. From that page:


All players must wear the following:


  • A HECC approved hockey helmet with a full-face mask and chin strap. All straps on helmet must be fastened at all times while on the rink.

  • Elbow pads. Jersey sleeves must cover elbow pads.

  • Gloves designed for hockey or lacrosse.

  • Hockey shin guards. Hockey pants must cover the shin guards.

  • Internal mouth guard (clear is not permitted) must be in mouth during play. It must be attached to the helmet.

  • Inline skates. Skates must have a full set of wheels. If a player loses a wheel while on the rink, he/she must leave the rink immediately and is not permitted to return until the wheel is replaced.


Many players also wear a padded girdle to protect their hips and, of course, a protective cup.


Goalies must wear in addition to the above:


  • Upper body equipment

  • Leg pads (in place of shin guards)

  • Catching and blocking gloves designed for hockey

  • Goalie Mask must be HECC Certified or a player helmet with a throat guard


No equipment meant for street hockey is permitted (Mylec and some Franklin).



For other information including documents and forms go HERE





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